The Anatomy of TWO-VOLT! Zine

Art by Cam Lopez

A big ol' zine all about what's behind TWO-VOLT - Commentary about how Ken & Laura have evolved over the years, what's gone into designing & constructing them, how I approached the website project and what inspired it, and lots more. We're talking *extra* overly-self-indulgent here. 
We've also got exclusive sketches & WIPs of art from the site, a sneak peek at future TWO-VOLT! content, and some other fun bonus stuff! If you're interested in hearing me ramble about all of this, then boy, is this the zine for you! But seriously though, if you're a fan of Ken & Laura, you will probably like this zine. 52 pages, man!!! I'm goin' nutso over here!!! (27 two-page spreads, that is.)


  • Digital PDF

  • Size
    46.6 MB
  • Length
    52 pages (26 two-page spreads)
  • Digital PDF
  • Size46.6 MB
  • Length52 pages (26 two-page spreads)
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The Anatomy of TWO-VOLT! Zine

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